From the Director


After nearly 20 months of “project renaissance” and some recent significant milestones, I appreciate your indulgence in allowing me to boast about a few things…

First, we are excited and extremely grateful for the recent appropriation by Governor Snyder and our Michigan legislature, with the announcement that $1 million from the State of Michigan fiscal 2015 Strategic Fund will be awarded to the Saginaw Art Museum. 

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Macy's Museum After Hours

Thursday, October 9 6-8PM


View the newly designed galleries & the reinstallation of the permanent collection of art. Enjoy light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.

Free Event!

Highlights from the Collection


Conserved and on view for the first time in more than two decades, Psiche e Amore, pictured in situ, shares with visitors the classical myth of Psyche and Eros (Amore).

The myth tells of young winged god carrying an arrow-filled quiver rushing to his beloved’s aid. Eros’s mother Venus, goddess of beauty, asked that Psyche retrieve a flask from the Underworld, warning her not to open it. Her curiosity led her to ignore Venus’s advice allowing the noxious fumes to escape, placing her in a deep sleep. Eros touched Psyche with his arrow, awakening her, resulting in their embrace.

Aristide Petrilli, Italian, 1868-after 1900, Psiche e Amore, ca. 1890-1900, Marble, Gift of Elsie C. Mershon, 25 1/2" x 27 3/4" x 58 1/2", #1947.2