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What do flowers, planes and guitars have in common? 

The Saginaw Art Museum, of course! And isn't it nice to FINALLY have the sunshine, warmer temperatures and gardens in bloom?

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We're heading to CUBA... So can you! Join us on the trip of a lifetime... 

Friends of the Saginaw Art Museum:

We are pleased to announce our affiliation with The Museum Travel Alliance.  Our partnership will give us the opportunity to provide exciting cultural travel excursions.  Our first adventure is to explore the art, architecture and allure of Cuba!  We hope you’ll consider joining us this October 15-22, 2016.  We look forward to this and future tours!

To learn more, click here, or contact us at 989.754.2491!

Stacey Gannon, Executive Director


PingX - The NEW Saginaw Art Museum App!






What if you could experience the Saginaw Art Museum virtually? With our new smartphone application, hosted by New Zealand-based technology and telecommunications company PingX, you can do just that! From entrance to exhibit to exit, PingX connects you and your museum via your mobile device with location relevant content and engagement.

Download and install the PingX app on your smartphone on your next visit to SAM! Once installed, your phone will know where you are located within the museum, and will automatically pull up information relevant to the gallery you're in and the history of what you are looking at. We’re very excited to introduce this technological wonder, and we hope you'll take advantage of it on your next visit! 


Book Club

September's Book:

Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile 
by Kathryn Hennessy & Beth Landis, et. al. (DK Publishing) 

Discuss the book and enjoy complimentary wine and cheese in SAM's Charles Platt Italianate Gardens with Assistant Curator of Arts & Education, Eric Birkle

Tuesday, September 13th at 5pm

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Eye on Arts

The Eye on Arts Program is a weekly (Sunday) review of arts and cultural programming presented by the Saginaw Art Museum, Temple Theatre, Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra, Saginaw Choral Society, and Pit & Balcony Theatre. Funded by a private foundation, the program is a collaborative effort between the Saginaw News, Saginaw Valley State University, and Delta College, administered by the Saginaw Art Museum. The program's primary goal is to heighten awareness of arts and culture opportunities and experiences in the Greater Saginaw Area, encouraging attendance and support for the entities reviewed. Its secondary goal is to provide an avenue for the younger demographic to play a role in the development and sustainability of attendance and awareness of arts and cultural institutions in the community.

To see the most recently written reviews of the Saginaw Art Museum's exhibitions and programming, click here. 


Highlights from the Collection

98.6.11 Clays












Jean Paul ClaysA Calm near Ostend, Oil on canvas, ca. 1860

Born in Bruges, Clays expressed a profound interest in sailing from his early childhood, and spent several years as a sailor’s apprentice, where he experienced the tempest nature of the sea and discovered his artistic ability. Upon returning to Belgium, Clays pursued painting as a career, often choosing to depict the Scheldt (a river spanning the Franco-Belgian border) and the River Thames. Such images, this one among them, are now coveted by collectors of seascapes that arose from the 19th-century maritime tradition.

However, this work by Clays challenged the long-standing stylistic tendencies of the Romantic School, which favored old-world drama and the sublime. In contrast, A Calm near Ostend appears visually similar to works belonging to the Barbizon School of Landscape painting, which reached its height in France in the 1860s. Indeed, Clays’ later work featured wide poetic estuaries and the happenings of port towns, charmingly conveyed through rich impasto and a palette of blue, ivory, and red-brown.