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Friday, March 31, 2017, 12:00pm - 05:00pm

This exhibition examines the creative outlet and career catalyst afforded by artist-in-residence programs to painters, sculptors, cinematographers, researchers, ceramicists, poets, playwrights, fashion designers, musicians, and others working in the world of fine arts. Though a great deal of such residency programs exist across America, many are located in urban centers, where residents are able to submerse themselves in the thriving arts and cultural fabric and timeless innovation of city life. However, a number may also be found in the remote countryside, which allows visionaries seeking tranquil solitude to withdraw from the high-velocity environment of the modern world. One such location is the Golden Apple Studio of Harrington, Maine, which is the subject of this Artumentary.

Functioning as a documentative and exploratory experience, Artumentary was conceived as a visual narrative illuminating the endeavors and triumphs of Michigan artists, whose passions have manifested themselves through paintings, drawings, photographs, poetry, journals, and other documents now included in this exhibition. Participating in a two-week artist-in-residency session, each artist, through their varied creations, recounts a unique story of forming collaborative relationships and contributing to group critiques and philosophical discussions in the neo-salon like environment fostered at Golden Apple Studio. By extension, it is the hope of the Saginaw Art Museum that this compilation of expressions serve as inspiration for aspiring artists in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Indeed, many artists find artist-in-residence programs to be an important step toward achieving their career goals, and, perhaps equally as important, a memorable and satisfying part of life's journey.


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