Homeschool Days

January 5, 2024 - February 16, 2024

If you are a homeschooled student in the Great Lakes Bay Region, join us for a morning at the museum. The K-6 activities are 2 hours long, which includes a visual arts tour and art project. 7th-12th grade activities are three hours and include a tour, art discussion, and optional drawing lesson. They all align with visual arts state standards and free.

Due to capacity, we will cap each session at 30 students. Registration is required. Do not assume you are registered once you fill out this form. You will officially be registered when you receive a confirmation email with what to prepare before coming to the museum. Registration will close one week before each session, or until they fill up. There is space on the form if you are planning on signing up for more than one child.

A parent or guardian must accompany their student on the field trip, please do not drop off your child. You are welcome to join the field trip activities or hang out in a designated area with other parents/guardians.


Visual Arts (K-2) – Creative Curiosity: Exploring Why & How Artists Create
Explore all the reasons why artists create and how they do it. We look at a mural, photography, sculptures, old art, and new art, while doing some fun activities along the way. Spend some time in the studio expressing emotions through art, just like an artist!

Visual Arts (3-6) – Learn to Look: Observing Art from a New Perspective
Students will learn to look at artwork in a whole new way by doing activities that expand their imagination. We will observe abstract and 3D art, discussing the elements of art and the artist’s meaning. We will also do an art activity about symbols, and how they are more than what they seem.

Visual Arts (7-12) РBut What Does It Mean?: Decoding Artworks
Students no longer will have to instantly say, “I don’t get it!” while viewing artwork! We will discuss art criticism techniques and analyze artworks’ meanings, using the elements and principles of design as clues to determine interpretations. For the other half of the field trip, we will discuss one of humanity’s biggest questions: What is art? *There will also be an optional sketching activity from 11:30am-12:30pm.*