Virtual Photo Meetup

April 10, 2020

You are invited to the Saginaw Art Museum Virtual Photo Meetup. While we would much rather be meeting in person to go on a collective photo walk and review photographs together, we will have to make due with a virtual environment.

How it works:
Register through the ticketing link and be sure to include your email address
You will be sent a photo assignment to complete prior to the meeting
Pick up to 3 photographs you would like to share with group members and email them to the moderator
We will gather using a meeting program called Zoom (www.zoom.us) . There is no cost to use use the zoom program, but sign-up is required. The ‘meetup’ will be April 10, 2020 at noon.

Technical Requirements:

Computer/phone with audio and visual capabilities to manage the Zoom program/app.
Any camera will work

Participation is limited for this session to the first 6 attendees. Registration is $10