WNEM After Hours: Musical Transformations: An Evening with Zachary Nicholson

December 19, 2018

Zachary Nicholson, a student at Central Michigan University, is inspired by composers ranging from Johannes Bach to contemporaries like John Cage. His music  draws from elements dating back to the renaissance with particular attention to the emotional effect music can have on its audience. Nicholson’s compositions attempt to connect the listener with the atmosphere or emotion created through his music.

Music is generally seen as a unique dynamic between the composer and the performer, but in today’s busy society, it is not the always easy to find performers for musical works. Advancements in technology such as digital audio workstations and notation software (e.g., Sibelius and Finale) have allowed for a drastic change in the performance aspect of music. These elements change the musical landscape of performance and even composition in extremely unique ways.