Birds Doing Stuff – Steve Jessmore

February 7, 2024 - May 11, 2024

Birds Doing Stuff
Photography by Steve Jessmore
February 7-May 11, 2024
“Birds Doing Stuff” is the result of hours of observation by photographer Steve Jessmore. The observation of birds and their behavior requires a good deal of concentration. This show unveils the mesmerizing world of birds in the ponds and trees they live in.  Jessmore not only demonstrates his ability to maintain focus on his subjects but seizes key moments to hit the shutter button and capture the action. There is a rhythm to the compositions. Patterns emerge through textures and colors beyond the subject matter alone.

At heart, Jessmore, whose work has been awarded the National Audubon Photography Award and been seen in publications including The Smithsonian and Ducks Unlimited, is a documentary photographer. Each image he captures is not merely a photo; it’s a compelling narrative—an intimate story revealing the intricate details of feathers, the graceful dance of flight, and the harmonious relationship these creatures share with their environments.

Each photograph reflects the dedication of the photographer to convey the essence of each bird’s character. The exhibition not only celebrates the aesthetic appeal of avian subjects but also serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation, urging us to appreciate and protect the habitats that these magnificent creatures call home.

“Birds Doing Stuff” aims to inspire a deeper connection between the audience and the avian world, fostering a sense of wonder and appreciation for the often-overlooked beauty that surrounds us. Through the lens, renewed curiosity about the feathered inhabitants of our planet can be cultivated.

Opening Reception February 7, 2024 5:30-7:30pm
Registration is requested but not required. All ages welcome.



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