Bright Moments & Shifting Shadows

May 18, 2024 - August 31, 2024

A painting is constructed and formed through a series of brush strokes. These may be quick small strokes or swaths of paint strewn across a surface. In each case, the whole of the painting is made up of bits of the tool touching a canvas. Just as a painting is constructed from brush strokes, fiber art is knots, ties, and weaves. Nancy J. Rodwan and Jada Bowden, captivate audiences with their distinctive approaches to textile art.  The rearrangement of fibers is a way to think about the way individuals move through the world. Clothing and blankets are with a utilitarian purpose, but what happens when fibers are meant to express emotion and experience?  While some pieces knot together naturally, others weave in a way that symbolizes the mechanics of industry allowing for exploration of organic and inorganic throughout the exhibition of Bright Moments and Shifting Shadows

Both in process and result, Rodwan and Bowden’s work helps the viewer consider the way parts make up the whole and how pieces form something greater when tied, sewn, stitched, laced, or bound together. The variation of the pieces whether in texture, color, size, or shape supports the concept of incorporation of individuality and uniqueness into the creation of a collective. While similar in concept, Bright Moments and Shifting Shadows reflects each of the artist’s unique perspectives and approaches to using fibers. Shown together, there is the ability to compare, reflect, and more acutely see the way Rodwan and Bowden may use similar materials but have quite different ends. The way each chooses to blend the organic and inorganic for expression creates a moment for pause and awe.

Nancy J. Rodwan, known for transforming everyday objects into new and unexpected forms, uses a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques to create ethereal fiber art. Her work reflects a deep connection to nature, incorporating organic forms and a rich palette of colors. Rodwan’s ability to evoke emotion through texture and pattern sets her apart in the realm of abstract fiber art.

Jada Bowden, brings a bold and experimental edge to the world of fiber arts. Her innovative use of unconventional materials and techniques challenges traditional textile artistry. Bowden’s pieces showcase a fusion of vibrant colors and unconventional materials, pushing the boundaries of fiber art. Her work not only sparks visual interest but also encourages viewers to question preconceived ideas about the possibilities within the medium.

Opening Reception May 18, 2024 3-5pm. All welcome, registration is appreciated, but not required.

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