Danyell Nefe: The Processes and Emotions In Between

June 12, 2024 - October 5, 2024

Danyell Nefe
The Processes and Emotions In Between

June 12-October 5, 2024

Mixed media can often be a process of discovery. Fumbling around in a dark room for the light switch and quickly leaving once it is found. As an exploration of self-reflection and the universal human experience, Danyell Nefe’s work twists through these fumbles with repetition and mutations that ultimately result in mesmerizing images and objects.

Occasionally precision is like math, repeating and repeating infinitely, even if only in our imagination. Yet, almost always, this precision fails giving way to a sense of imperfection that comes from being human. The repetitions smudge, the objects crack, and the photos lose their focus because of inconsistencies in the process. This is not a fault of the artist, but a comment on the impossibility of a moment replicating itself. The waves of a processing tray will differ with each print.  Cyanotypes that are useful to a botanist for recording the shape of a leaf, certainly cannot convey the way the plant smelled. But Nefe tries to give it all to the viewer through her symbiotic coming together.

Incorporating techniques like collodion wet plate, cyanotype, and traditional darkroom processes, Nefe’s art is autobiographical yet universal, capturing the essence of human connections with objects, memories, and people. Her work is a testament to the human craving for connection and the complex emotions that accompany our relationships. It is a celebration of the chaotic beauty of life, tempered by the discipline and respect inherent in historical photographic processes and printmaking.



****Regretfully, the opening reception for our latest exhibition “The Processes and Emotions In Between” by Danielle Nefe originally scheduled for tomorrow night has been canceled. We will work to schedule a date where we can get together to celebrate this work. The exhibition itself will be open through October 5.

Opening Reception June 12 2024 5:30-7:30pm
This is a free event. Registration requested but not required