Sculpture Solarium

Sculpture is among the earliest art forms known to man. The desire to create a three-dimensional likeness of real objects crosses cultures and periods. Works can also be two-dimensional where images are carved into a medium creating an engraving or elements may project from a surface forming a relief. Sculpture can be carved or cast with a variety of materials including stone, wood, clay, wax, glass, molten metal, sand or plaster. Thematically, work can convey different ideas and meanings: religious such as Seated Buddha, literary subjects like Au Loup!!, historical figures as in El Cid Campeador, romantic myths represented by Psiche e Amore, allegories as in Answering Note or event abstractions embodying ideas not immediately visible as in Messenger recalling a Greek myth.

Seated Buddha

Seated Buddha (8th Century Marble)
Unidentified Artist. Seated Budda. Chinese, Tang Dynasty, 618-906
Gift of Mr. John L Booth

El Cid Compeador

El Cid Compeador (1927 Bronze)

Anna Hyatt Huntington. El Cid Compeador. Bronze
Gift of the artist