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The Last Whistle Labor Day Celebration
Thursday, August 31, 2017, 04:00pm - 06:00pm


Ken Newman is a widely celebrated artist whose work has received numerous awards and been displayed throughout the country at several fine art museums. THE LAST WHISTLE is a tribute to those gentlemen who worked with their hands, proud of what they produced. Personal ambitions were sacrificed to better provide security for their family. Many loved the occupation, others the quality of life. A time when a fair days work meant a fair days pay equals a modest family vacation, a college fund and retirement/security. The sculpture is a wonderful depiction of Saginaw’s blue collar history and is a logical addition to the Saginaw Art Museum permanent collection. Thanks to the Jury Foundation, THE LAST WHISTLE will have a permanent home in front of the museum.

We are asking local labor unions to join us in dedicating the sculpture during Labor Day weekend, 2017. An inaugural community picnic,sponsored by MEIJER and free to the public, will be offered on the front lawn of the museum in honor of our hard-working laborers. It will become an annual celebration and provides an opportunity for members of your union local to bring their families to the museum for a fun day of exploration.