Title: 4-9

Submitted by: Alexis B.



A virus was born and then it was spread.
Its impact calculated by those it’s left dead.

So much going on, so much being said-
People are starting to question
what they’re being fed.

The pressure is mounting “oh, when will it end?”
The worried one wonders, all the while next door a truth seeker digs
for there’s got to be more than the story he sees, through his eyes this could all be deceit.
For he believes, there’s more to perceive,
Some truth out there that will bring him relief.

On up the street, another human locked in its cage, this one’s buried in torment throwing fits of rage. For all he has known has been shaken or stirred, he sits in the silence alone with his hurt. Everything he’s ever worked for has been broken, demolished, transformed into dirt.

Just around the corner, another one still.
She sits, and she smiles by her window sill. She’s enjoying the peace, filled with thoughts of goodwill while loving each moment. For this drill she has practiced, a pro at detachment.
She will not be disrupted by all of this racket.
Deep in her heart, this lady knows, better ways are unfolding and from this we’ll grow.
Humanity is remolding.
The earth is restoring its glow.
As the universe upgrades the energy flows, light from the heavens to all those below.

Who is correct?
Well none of us know.
We’ll wait to see.
What we can see is shaped by our minds and beliefs.
The mirror reflects what the mind projects.
What’s believed by the mind is only what the eyes can detect.

“But that can’t be it, there must be more.
Tell us narrator what else is in store?”

I could go on forever which I’m sure you’d adore. However, to me it would be, somewhat of a bore.
You see, what’s to be seen and chosen as a belief is different for each soul.
There’s a lot in between what is the truth and what constitutes proof.
What’s being sensed and why it’s being felt may be one thing for you but, different entirely for everyone else.
Truth is in the eye of the beholder; it can shift and change as you each grow older.
The best you can do is stay true to you and be as kind as you can.
You never know when you’ll meet a stranger turned friend.
Find your truth inside but, keep an open mind.
Everything will keep changing and rearranging through space and time.
Most things on the outside you cannot control.
Yet there is still hope, for you’ve been gifted a mind, heart, and soul.
The decision is yours and the season is Spring!
Which seeds will you plant?
What harvest will they bring?

For some what will bloom will be worries and fear, their thoughts so polluted they cannot see clear.

For others still, they’ll sprout anger and hate, angry at life and their chosen fate.

But, around the corner there will be more, with faith by their sides, hope in their minds, and love in their hearts.
They’ll be the ones to lead humanity into a brand-new start.