Title: ARC

Submitted by: Pearl T.

Again, I was feeling good. The weather was a nice surprise when warmest dates arrived.


I am lookin’; searchin
For buried treasure chest emoticon.
Emotion blaze to a high;
I still have my halo. By the way,
I’ve known where to look above-over
Mine head at the skyline. A verb err.
Arc to rainbow; rainbow to arc.
Blue? Like clouds, my dye. Or there!
Is green, close as the grass below!
Underneath my feet, lies a window.
I seek clovers in grass petal. Who knows?
See, yellow. Sun does have a far reach!
Matches every creature below as a meadow.
If purple could speak, it doth preach:
Alongside, red as the heart or now
Orange. Fruition leaders to a yoke.

There is silver! Silver gray! Crayola smiling.
Rainbow, history rewrote in a poet. Smoke.
Reach down to Earth, Heavens bow!
I intend to swim to Great Lakes, Michigan.
Bend low, chariot, I will strike gold again.
Just over yonder, a leprakahn awaitin’.

Did you notice the lilac? React?
Didn’t you realize the rose tint? Hint?
Baby blue, new born baby’s hue.

Lime, light green, spring fallen; Who’ve
Seen the rainbow in thine streets?
Artiste repeat!!? Mirror is casted low!

Rainbows streak!!! Half the Earth turn.
180 degree circle or bend a little
Under the weights/ compass given
And you yearn, bow one place to another.
No other enlivened as my fairguest;
Most honest playmate.
He/She bears a face:
Paisley. The flowers can be in full bloom.
My eyes are never in gloom.;
Lacramel fissure welcomes a tear.;
The mountains I can see from here,
That shall be my tier.