Cohesion Team & People

Title: Cohesion Team & People

Submitted by: Pearl T.

I realized or recognized on the perfect day how people helped one another. Work was normal until it pivoted to volunteer duty. I assisted to get items outside even though not my job. Morale became amazing. Also, very welcomed. I mention the feelings associated with this act including teamwork.


COHESION , Iambic Meter
In the midday sun,
Sunshine wakens eyes,
No nature can defy,
Human protocol.
None like these, exist
To see, wind breeze, mist
All,around, abound.
Greetings outnumber,
Pleasure of union,
Dear, Helping hand, too
Good Samaritan
Pursuit of kindness-And
Repetition rule(s).
An extra call due,
Join the golden roost.
Ease our burdens;Man
To Earth companion.
Toast the most,could boast,
None mention. Go on!
Groups, lines, curves, strength, nerves….
Affects all urge.
Heat radiates in;
Enter within mind,
Hopes blend; Earth bend. Fine!
Clean and godliness
Exposed attitudes.
Duress far from us.
Team embodies light;
Trust we answer best.
Might hands slack?!? Be’it
May feet can’t endure?!?
A phase an end mend.
Shifts go on; New day.
Sunrise; sunset raised.
Today, a New Day send
Blessed notions win
A friend; Empathy.