Common Radiates

Title: Common Radiates

Submitted by: Pearl T.

I was feeling good. The days were nice. Spring is here!
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Common Radiates
Philosophy cannot cease;
Emotion can’t erase.

The dew on the leaves appease;
Haze absorbs fallen rain ease.

Pavement under feet create
Common ground for climate mate.
Mate is me, swinging high up
In the bar, octave, amid ‘ah’
Smile held deep inside abide.
Radiates from me, morale
Sprit, soul, body, friendly.
Combine, cheer and good words heal
Withal, nightfall worries play
Sonata in A minor.
Say! Ah! My! C high. C low.
Muse instantaneous dub.- Replay.
Replays chorus of meetings.
People speak, people leave, stay.
Children smile, coos, pout, quietly
Behave, no words needed. Rays
Of sunshine, left in midair!
I call it, good will hunting.
Limitations transpire wave
Of ‘effection; Yet, connote
Another day shall we save.
Take one note, complement, coat
One mind; anchors soul; left eyes
Unto the hills whence my help.- I!

Listen, eardrum, intent, lean
In to hear, movement surpass
Recognant. Philosophy
Mankind atoms, convalent.
Sharing. Bursting. Collide. Why!?
Silent? Tranquil floating past.
Pass my energy. Indent!
Marks my place, mark my face. Grin.
Sound added, cars scream, one acts.
Smoke bomb will last. Season carries.
Silent!? People going on
Homeward. Onward. Pilgrimage
Is enliven by a guest.
Companion makes thirst the hope;
Gesture waves at me afar.