Day 32

Title: Day 32

Submitted by: Logan M.

This submission is a page from my journal. It goes through all of my thoughts and actions throughout the day.

Day 32,
Today I had two Zoom meetings. One with my accounting class and one with my volleyball team. Today was Sawyer and Mady’s birthday today, so we threw a Zoom birthday party, and played volleyball trivia. My day has mostly been split up into schoolwork and actual work. The latter half of my day is school work and the beginning half has been spent working on
my eBay store or doing housework. Today was pretty basic and boring, and I didn’t get much done because of the Zoom meetings, but I am getting this paper done. My latest obsession has been watching Amazon favorite videos and bathroom remodels. I want to update my half-bath, by putting in new flooring, painting an accent wall, and re-doing my vanity. I wanted to update my sink but that’s impossible without spending the money to buy a new vanity top or vanity. I found really cute flooring for $9.98 per 10sqf (it’s peel and stick) that I want to put in my bathroom. I think I want to repaint the entire bathroom, my ceiling is bright white and my walls are a dingy yellow color so I want to paint all the walls white and one wall a different color. I also want more/better-looking storage space, and drawer inlays. I want to re-organize my entire house but once I start I get bored and distracted and never finish it. Like right now I want to go get the tape measure to measure out how much flooring I would need to buy. I wonder how everyone else is doing during quarantine… are they upset? Bored? Are they actually getting something done? I miss my friends, I miss softball, and I miss school. I wonder what everything will be like once quarantine is over… all I know is that this is going to be a crazy story to tell my future kids. Till next time!

Your favorite quaranTEEN,
Logan Mathews