Grin Again

Title: Grin Again

Submitted by: Pearl T.

Echoic and limerick style. I wanted to send out cheer. I hope you enjoy your life while inside. Try to enjoy you and everybody or good thing you can.

I choose rhyme, free verse but I wanted you to be moved by the topic. I feel good. I thought I’d share the feeling with fellow poets or writers. I like being a part of my poetry groups.

I hope this shows.

I am writing on vocal.media.com as well. Come check us out. We welcome fellow thinkers too. There are all kinds of topics. I love various types of poetry like yours. Especially, today thinkers are proficient at their messages.

Thank you.


Grin Again

Plain-faced; blank guise.
No, sign of amusement in eyes.
Then, a blink. A quiver. Smirk!
Gains a small grin. Uncork
A smile within by a corner
Of the mouth raised upward.
Smiles reach the sky!
Your grin shall turn into a why!?
Smiles that show teeth.
Teeth that create sounds! He’s/She’s
Starts to giggle.
A wiggle creates a chuckle!
A chuckle does one good. Buckle?
No, give in. But, the roof caved in!
No? Grin again. What do I do
If the tickle get out. See, you laugh.
No, doubt.