Lock and Key

Title: Lock and Key

Submitted by: Pearl T.

I assume and know I have hypotheses”. We are under arrest. We are experiencing a governmental lockdown about the Corona-Virus19.
Yes, as someone close told me, it’s true the nineteenth of that kind. The virus returned a plague.
I, being involved in petitioning, desired to leave a message for Michigan. And evenso, surrounding areas if need be.
I choose Christian poem. Christ poem. Tell me, if defined enough for you to hear the cryptic coded message.
It’s Essay andsobeit poetic for best affect.
I welcome comments. I would like to know an opinion about this written verse.
Thank you. Stay safe everybody. From Lady Pearl, Willow.
Multi-talented Artiste


Poetic Entry, Lock And Key
Lockdown In Michigan
Cryptogram and rhyme.
The Lockdown Of Michigan in 2020;
Twentieth century here I mention.

I communicate in a Morse code.
Listen, for every key to unfold.

Subscript1 First, sign arise in job vacancies.
Subscript2 Second, sign surprise enters in getting flu shot urgencies.

Subscript3 Third, sign is a warning from CDC tells
That danger no one can dispel.

Key four, we are in an economic peril.
Key five, we are reminded of vaccinations, still. Chill.

Key six, an alert because flu on the rise.
Key seven, various germs from one illness sighs.
Key: The verge of a danger repeats.
Key: Repetitions one offenders needed past feats.

Key: Vaccine available , first came flu; various names,
Key: Unknown plunged us into pandemic with no curation a blame.

Hypotheses, Minor What have been done before, we can do again?
Hypotheses, Major What is not known takes time to create anedotes; a main?

Hypotheses, Threat What have transpired have no known answers to all queries?
Hypotheses, Danger What is unsound leave X and no Y? Yes, There shall be fury.

Subscript, key 1 Anedote:prac’tise cleanliness next to godliness.
Subscript, key 2 Anedote: follow the health guidelines treating well.

Subscript, key 3 Anedote: continue dietary regimen even if use vitamins or alternative or naturals.
Subscript, key 4 Anedote: prepare for health risks using high protein or nutrition or first aid.

Wherein, there is doubt, learn what aids you.
And, wait dismisses you except present is a tool

remedial.: Elixers, cough drops, lozenges & protein drinks.
Survive to say, you will survive biohazards. Think.