Memo to: Myself

Title: Memo to: Myself

Submitted by: Eric Gilbertson

Memo to: Myself
Re: Remembering
Date: Third week of social distancing
What to make of this loneliness, boredom, sense of isolation? What will it be like to re-experience the commonplace, the routine, the unremarkable moments in the day-to-day?

*The uninhibited, full frontal hug of a child.
*Dinner at a favorite place with friends.
*A cheap seat in crowded coach class on a visit those we love.
*A live play or concert, even if performed badly, or a night at the movies.
*Serious and frivolous face-to-face conversations over coffee.
*Browsing idly through a bookstore.
*A strong handshake at a welcome greeting.
* Entering a crowded place without anxiety, unafraid.
* Even business meetings that once seemed useless or boring.
* Minor pleasures or annoyances blithely forgotten.
These are among the things make up a rich life, too often unappreciated until out of reach. Never take them for granted again. Remember . . . and be grateful.
Eric Gilbertson