Title: Quarantine

Submitted by: Rae H.

A pretty good synopsis of my mind during the first few weeks of quarantine…


I bought three breakfast sandwiches,
Two iced coffees,
A bag of takis that I’ve yet to eat,
A bag of Hawaiian bread to accompany some leftover macaroni,
And two frozen meals from Whole Foods—
This is how I’m living
In this space we call
Self isolation.

Semi-non perishable food indicates the end
When the apocalypse comes, so do cans of refried beans and toilet paper.
Everything I eat is twice cooked
Sometimes not at all.

There are X’s on my calendar but I’ve failed to keep up
Enclosed within the same four walls, I refuse to learn time
I sleep all day
And I’m up all night,
I swear my body is on another time zone
And it’s not treated me well
I’m slipping slowly along with my sanity

Someone let this quarantine end soon.