Rest Orders

Title: Rest Orders

Submitted by: Thor

I sat in my driveway with my wireless headphone.
The sun shining
Feeling guilty for being still
Should I be doing something right now?
The kids playing in boxes
Socks on and shoes off.
The socks would be off to if I didn’t holler at them
We want to stay healthy for two more weeks.
Rest is such a foreign beast
It’s uncomfortable
Perhaps this is the equivalent of watching a baseball game in the 1960s after working in the shop all week.
Is baseball still a thing or did that get placed on hold?
There’s 90 feet between the bases
90 more feet between the pitcher’s mound and home plate
But you’ve got to get close to tag the other guy out.
Would the warmth feel better if I went into work on Monday?
It’s hard to say for sure
I’ll just go back to John Prine singing in my ears for now.