Title: Sandcastles

Submitted by: Pearl T.

Let’s share this moment with creation. I love to rhyme and reason using nature. Enjoy.

Poem, Guise, Ode
Who am I? Vessels nearby lake;
Daylight fuel it shall make.
Carriers reserve near a lighthouse;
Old factory beams over a city.

Seashells snails lost from sea;
Riverbank are full of these.
When weather vanes please, pl ease
Placate me by rain, storm, sun, dew.
Weeds vary: Appear as wheat.
By design, await baby breath, yet!
Perrenials stalk taller than grassland.
Grassland hewn down; Meadow sown.
Answer, Watchtower.
And who am I? Ladybug escape haze.
Eaten pollen; fly for air; want cool.
Out of a maze, moth fly into houses. Too.
Fond of the night air amid halogen.
Bulbs create friend to warm wings within.
Sweet, Summer breeze, deafening defining
My feelings. Expressionism exposed.
I am Snowpea; Willow bride.
I enjoy his company every season. I’d
Kissed the kissin tree. Etched our name in.
Plenty. Initials me, AJ be. Remember? Then?
Answer, Your Messenger Warrior.