Uncertain? Certainly.

Title: Uncertain? Certainly.

Submitted by: Alexis B.

I wrote this poem while reflecting in a park on a swing.


Uncertain? Certainly.

As I hear the phrase “these uncertain times” come into my ears over and over, I grow tired inside.

As if anything is really for certain at any time.

We can be certain I suppose, that the Sun will set and the Moon will rise. But, sometimes even the Moon likes to hide.

It seems the air is still breathable, that much we know. 

Flowers still bloom. 

Grass continues to grow.

Certain things are as certain as ever.

Really, the economy can be as unpredictable as the weather.

You could always get fired or lose it all at any moment. 

That’s what makes moments so precious and why the beauties of life are in our hearts, wherever we hold them. 

It seems silly to categorize these times as uncertain, at least that’s how it seems from under this curtain.