A Castle by Candlelight

Reviewer: Elizabeth Detloff

Venue: The Castle Museum


Saginaw Choral Society’s Jazz Unplugged 

When you think of Saginaw, romance probably does not come to mind. What you may not know is Saginaw is full of events that are perfect date nights curated to showcase the talent and unique locations throughout our town. Saginaw Choral Society lit up The Castle Museum for the second of their museum series events Thursday night. 

Jazz Unplugged was held in the grand hall of the Castle Museum. I thought that I have been to every place in Saginaw but I discovered that the giant castle, in downtown, was one gem I’ve missed out on. The marble walls shown with ambient light from garland and twinkle lights already hung for the holidays. Around every corner tidbits of Saginaw history could be found. The museum was open to exploration both before and after the event allowing concert goers to see all history hiding within the Castle walls. 

Saginaw showed up in their finest faux furs and sparkling outfits to enjoy canapés and candlelight. Saginaw staple, Dawn Goodrow provided excellent catering from Dawn of a New Day. Libations were poured at the cash bar and there was a wine bottle fundraiser supporting the Choral Societies endeavors. Patrons could make a donation and walk away with a bottle of wine, perfect for a date night in. 

Soon announcements were made to make our way to the great hall as lights started to dim. Everyone filed into the hall, noticing the floor and various spots covered with artificial candles. The Choral Society with the help of donors and sponsors were able to purchase hundreds of artificial candles for the event. Could this mean that they will have several more events of this caliber in the future? Certainly a unique event I have not seen in Saginaw before and would love to see again. 

Once everyone had a seat the magic of the lights going off and the candles going on entranced the audience. Five crooners with a small accompanying band worked its way through a song selection that was sure to dazzle everyone. Each Choral Society singer selected two to three songs that would showcase their vocal talents. Cole Porter, Gershwin, Michael Bublé, and Billie Holiday were among a few of the songs that rippled out in the cozy room. 

I had caught the vocal talent of Uduak-Obong Eyo in February so I was on the edge of my seat when she stepped among the candles in a floor length pink dress that was stunning. Her rendition of “Someone to Watch Over Me”, pulled at heartstrings from seat to seat. Dave Tagget sang two Michael Bublé pieces. It was a perfect choice to start with “Feeling Good”. The audience certainly was feeling good and several people captured the moment with photos. Danielle Davis started her songs off very quietly. For a moment I thought the instruments might continue to overwhelm her voice. This was not the case as she built strength as the piece went on. By the conclusion of Sade’s “Is It a Crime” her voice was reaching to the rafters.

Candlelit concerts have been seen in larger cities across the country but never would I think I would see something like this happening in Saginaw. I find I am constantly impressed with our town even after thirty eight years. A visit to The Castle Museum in the daylight is next on my list. 

The Choral Society has another great event coming up perfect to get you into the holiday spirit. Join them at Loggers Brewing Company on December 16th for “beer choir”, a holiday sing-a-long. Or catch the third and final museum series February 8th at Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum. You should add a Saginaw Choral Society event to your calendar, it is always a unique experience that we are lucky to have in Saginaw!

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