The Stapletons and MIZNXN at The Saginaw Art Museum

Reviewer: Mark DeWolf-Ott

Venue: Saginaw Art Museum

The Stapletons are from Pittsburg. Kate and Casey Stapleton are a wife and husband musical duo. Music brought them together. His background is Mariachi and her classical harp, together they play what Kate calls “baroque folk”. They use blues driven harp arrangements, acoustic and 12 string guitars, and intricate vocal harmonies to create an awesome sound. They brought a group of Great Lakes ballads and shipping songs to the Saginaw Art Museum’s: Museum Tunes, performed in the museum’s beautiful garden. A highlight was “the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”. Their sound is like if Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash were to do a concert together. They possess great harmonies and distinctive style.

MIZNXN, aka Kora Nixon, lives in Detroit, originally from Saginaw. Nixon attended SASA and was a student of Mike Brush, Jazz teacher from Saginaw. She is singer song writer and storyteller musician. A style like Sarah McLaughlin and Jane Arden of the 80’s and 90’s. She definitely has her own unique style and voice!

Together they brought together a great evening of music. The rain managed to hold off until everyone got home.

This is the second in a series of garden concerts presented by the Art Museum.

The first was a night of gospel and jazz presented by Sharrie Williams, a local talent and international star. Her uplifting show was powerful and exciting.

The Special Guest that evening was Charles Allen. He began singing at six years old, the very first song he sang was “I believe I can fly”.  And he certainly did that night. Growing up under the influence of Sharrie Williams, Charles always knew that one day he would sing. He has a soulful and rich voice, and it was much appreciated by the audience.

The final concert will feature Phabies, a Grand Rapids trio with a kind of DIY (do it yourself) spirit. They have an acoustic vibe and will sure to provide you with some great entertainment. Phabies were listed as one of the “Top Bands to Watch of 2022” by revuewm.com. Their special guest is Fernando Silverio Solis. He plays guitar with a purposeful vibe. His Facebook page says he is “over-caffeinated, anxious, sad song writer. Get in losers, we’re go’in crying.” Sounds pretty interesting!

That show will be on August 10, 2022 at be Saginaw Art Museum. Doors open at 6pm show starts at 7pm. Please visit the museums website for FAQ’s about the event.

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